“Faith & Prayer Works”


Dear Community Partner:

First and foremost, we want to thank Jesus Christ for giving us the strength to help thousands of New Yorkers.

After almost a decade of dedicated service to the community, BROOKLYN UNITED FOR INNOVATIVE LOCAL DEVELOPMENT (BUILD), having honored its mission and purpose to foster economic self-sufficiency and prosperity amongst socio-economically vulnerable communities, will formally close as an organization on Friday, November 16, 2012.

BUILD has provided services, opportunities and supports for workforce development, business development, youth development, parent empowerment and community engagement to provide for communities throughout Brooklyn and beyond, however BUILD would have not been able to fully realize its vibrancy without the hard work and dedication of thousands of community and employer partners LIKE YOU.

As an Army Veteran, we have always been mission-oriented and BUILD’s mission has been to uplift the residents in our communities through action, advocacy, education, and training. And while we appreciate and thank God for the opportunity to accomplish part of this mission, it would not have been possible without the steadfast partnership of Forest City Ratner Companies, the family of Marie Francesse Louis, and by BUILD staff, Board Members and community stakeholders including the Consortium for Workers Education, the 77th Precinct Community Council, 77th Precinct Clergy Council, Kings Court Banquet Hall, Tom Montvel Cohen, the CBA Signatories, North Crown Heights Family Outreach Center, Brooklyn House, the Darman Group and Workforce One, and we expect them to continue to be beacons of hope in our communities. And I still believe that Bruce Ratner is an Angel sent from God.

Even with the completion of the historic Barclays Center, I know BUILD’s mission is not one that can come to an end. A mission like this does not dissolve, it solidifies.

It has truly been an honor and a privileged pleasure meeting and working with the thousands of people who have walked through our doors. We wish you all continued success in your endeavors, and we ask that you keep us in your prayers, keep on striving, and keep that “Harriet Tubman Spirit”.


James E. Caldwell
President Emeritus